Our Miscarriage Before Our Biggest Blessing.



October 2013.
I’ve already had one appointment at 8 weeks and it went pretty well.
I was 10 weeks pregnant. Woke up in the morning took Curtis(my husband) to the airport and headed into work. Around noon I got these really sharp pains in my lower abdomen. I headed to the hospital because the pain was not going away and felt like it was only getting worst. They sent me for some tests and did an ultrasound. Until this day I swear I heard a heartbeat but maybe it was wishful thinking.

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As you all know March 8th is National Women’s day. Women have come a long way! We have women in office, we have women running huge companies, and we have women who still choose to stay home and raise their families. All of these jobs are equal because they all take a lot of time, work, effort, and dedication. The point of me mentioning that is we as women have a lot of choices now and aren’t just stuck to being a “wife/mother/home care taker”. Even if you are you should be honored because you still have the option of going out there and getting any job, going to school for anything your heart desires, you are able to be whoever you want to be! Women have not always had these options in life.

Just knowing where we came from, where we are and where we are going gives me goose bumps. Fills me with joy and excitement, for my family, friends, my daughter, and of course myself. Sky is the limit for us!

This topic brings me to women who give all of this up for a man. Women will lose their identity because they put so much of themselves into a man, who many times doesn’t appreciate is as much as he should.


In the photo above you see a woman filled with life and giving the man her all. Yet, he is empty and is just taking her in. If he is empty he has nothing to share with her, nothing to offer her. My advice to all women and girls is keep yourself first! Love yourself, know your worth, have an identity. A mother, a wife, a boss, an employee means nothing if you do not have a true identity. You have to know who you are, why is your husband lucky to have you? Why is your boss lucky to have you as an employee? What makes you a great mother? What make you the woman that you are so that you can share yourself in these different aspects.

If you have No Identity…you will be used and taken advantage of.

Love yourself…to show others how to love you!

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“You are worth more than you could ever imagine” -TheAnimaSeries