Our Miscarriage Before Our Biggest Blessing.



October 2013.
I’ve already had one appointment at 8 weeks and it went pretty well.
I was 10 weeks pregnant. Woke up in the morning took Curtis(my husband) to the airport and headed into work. Around noon I got these really sharp pains in my lower abdomen. I headed to the hospital because the pain was not going away and felt like it was only getting worst. They sent me for some tests and did an ultrasound. Until this day I swear I heard a heartbeat but maybe it was wishful thinking.

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A woman who’s a wife, a daughter, a mother…

You often hear women say “What does he have to offer?”, “What can he do for me?”, etc. My question is are women not always fighting to be equal? Why does he have to offer you something? What does he have to do for you? Why not ask “What can we accomplish TOGETHER?”, “What can we do for one another?” Many women tend to forget to look in the mirror. Just being born a woman you have lots of responsibilities!

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(June 2008)


(June 2008)

A little over 11 years ago I met a kid who would one day become my husband. I say a kid because we were 14 years old when we met and really knew nothing about life and what was in store for us. We didn’t have many things in common and we definitely didn’t think alike. 11 years is a really long time so it’s clear that those years brought a lot of good, a lot of bad and a lot of knowledge. When we met and all through high school he never knew where to take his life, what life should/would be like after graduation, can’t even say he had goals or plans. For me, as long as i can remember my parents always taught me to have a solid plan and I had to be successful. Well, when I decided that I wanted to be with this kid I knew I wouldn’t settle for anything less than a MAN with a plan. To me staying in one spot was never an option. We as people must always grow, learn, expand our comfort zones and really live. So, I started asking him what he wanted to do with his life? Where did he want to be in 3,4,5 years? He probably thought I was crazy because we were still in HS!! I made sure to paint the picture of the life I wanted to have and it was up to him to create that life with me.


June 2013 in Miami


June 2013

Well, I am proud to say that kid has never disappointed me when it came to our life. We grew up quickly and have been moving along in life better and faster than I ever imagined. Everything I have wanted in life WE got. He is not lazy! He has plans! He has goals! He has drive! && He loves! He works harder than anyone I know, makes sure we have all we need…& want. The best part of all of this is we have one vision now. We see life the same and we work as a team to reach our dreams. I am proud of my husband because there are so many excuses laying around in the world that he could have held onto and tried to use. Most importantly I love how much he loves our daughter! They always say “show your daughter what a man is supposed to be so she knows what to look for in a husband”. I don’t have any doubt that she has a great example to compare to.


Ava & Curtis Summer 2014

Some people search a lifetime for a man/woman they can build with. We were lucky enough to find that without even looking. I am blessed & highly favored.

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Kendra & Hank Renew their Vows


By now I am sure everyone knows that Hank cheated on Kendra with a transgender male, who is now a female, well almost. She still has some male parts left. Since the news broke in the summer it has been in every magazine, blog, gossip sites, etc. Last week Hank agreed to take a lie detector test and FAILED.

Now, ladies, don’t you know your husband well enough that you just know when he is lying? Especially when he is moping around the house depressed and miserable. If he did not cheat he would not be phased by this “rumor”. I would not be depressed and I would not be worried about losing my family.

Kendra kept asking for the truth but he wasn’t giving it to her. If you ask me, she knew as soon as she heard it. A woman knows when something is true! Kendra seems like she is all talk after watching their show.

Now, they went on the show called Marriage Boot Camp and apparently were working on their problems. All of the sudden they are renewing their vows. How can you renew something that is broken? You can not renew a broken lamp. The crack will always be there and it will never look the same. Yes! They have 2 kids but there is also a thing called trust. Trust is a part of every marriage. A huge part! How can she trust him to walk out the house without her and not do it again. He kept confessing his love for her to her, in my eyes the love is not that strong since he went and cheated WHILE she was 8 months pregnant.

Vows are a promise that you make to one another to be honest, loyal, faithful, to love one another, to care for one another, to walk through life together, etc. The only other party that should be involved in your marriage is God. When those vows are broken it’s really hard to start over as if nothing ever happened. The hurt can not be erased and can not be hidden. That brings me to…What is the reason they renewed their vows so quickly. The problem is still very real and very true.

I want to hear from you!

What do you think about the renewal of Kendra’s and Hank’s Vows.

Stayed Home from Work


So, I had to stay home from work today because our nanny had to handle some personal business. I had the entire day planned to clean, go for a walk with Ava and possibly cook dinner. Well that went out the window when girlfriend wanted to play instead of taking her nap early in the morning.  By the time she took her nap Mama was starving and had breakfast and a shower. Then she ate and well WE went to sleep. Finally we woke up at 4 pm and well by that time i figured nothing was going to be done today. We spent the rest of the day eating and playing with Chloe(our dog).

It still amazes me how quickly she is growing up. Crawling, sitting, standing up on her knees, teething, eating solids, growls(lol), sings, the list goes on and on.


(I have found my best friend for life)

No matter how crazy the day gets with her I love taking care of her, staying up with her, comforting her, kissing on her, changing her, playing with her, etc. I am living for her!


“My wish, for you, is that this life becomes, all that you want it to

Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small

You never need to carry more than you can hold

And while you are out there getting where you’re getting to

I hope you know somebody loves you

And wants the same things too, Yeah this, is my wish”

— Rascal Flatts

Never Speak Negative of your Significant Other.

f7877e31caa30acd298e64a7421e1866You and your significant other just had a huge fight, what do you do? Do you pick up the phone and call your girlfriends/guy friends to fill them in? Do you call your mom? What is it that you would usually do?

First thing first! When you called those you trust you were angry, emotional, and maybe a tad bit dramatic. You spoke in a way where everything you did/said was right and everything your spouse said/did was wrong. If that wasn’t the case there would have been no argument. Also, more than likely there was no real resolution to the argument because if there was you wouldn’t care enough to fill anyone in.

Second thing. Don’t ever forget your mom doesn’t love your spouse like you do. Your friends probably don’t care enough to try and fix your problems for you and don’t forget they will take your side. Usually when a loved one is hurt in anyway people tend to want to make them feel better and protect them. Great! Now you have created the bad guy, your family and friends will look at him/her sideways.

When you are married your love and bond is unbreakable. Meaning just because you argue doesn’t mean you don’t like one another or you will not forgive him/her. All this means is marriage problems are temporary when it is between two people. When/if the problem/argument is passed on it becomes permanent. You forgive your spouse within a matter of hours…right? Family and friends will fake it,  but they will question your spouse’s behavior until their last breath. They will not forgive as easy and you will only give your family/friends a reason to not have a good relationship with your other half. They will hold everything you told them against your relationship.

No matter what you should never allow anyone to talk down on your significant other. Always speak good about him/her. You have to respect one another at home and in public. The second you say something negative you are opening a door for others to talk about him/her. Choose your words wisely and always protect your home!

Respect your self & your marriage.

Do you have problems that you need advice on? Are you stuck in a situation and don’t know what to do? Feel free to ask for help/advice below. You do not have to leave your real name!