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Women Supporting Women

Here is my challenge! I have been watching IG, twitter, & facebook and I see a lot of bashing, judging, and just a lot of cattiness. I figured if we do these random meaningless challenges why not do something to bring women together and uplift eachother. Now! You can not nominate your best friend(s). Each person you nominate has to nominate 1 more woman! So, post a picture of your woman of choice and caption it explaining why you are nominating her!


A woman who’s a wife, a daughter, a mother…

You often hear women say “What does he have to offer?”, “What can he do for me?”, etc. My question is are women not always fighting to be equal? Why does he have to offer you something? What does he have to do for you? Why not ask “What can we accomplish TOGETHER?”, “What can we do for one another?” Many women tend to forget to look in the mirror. Just being born a woman you have lots of responsibilities!

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Best gifts for Men


We all need a little guidance during the Holidays. So many people, so little time, so many options!!

TOP Gifts for men:


Men love electronics.

Cell phone, GPS, camera, game system, games. Also accessories for these items.

CAR Stuff


Some men love their cars more than they love their families.(exaggerating)

Seat covers, a good CD, steering wheel cover, car rugs, and even car wash gift certificates.



Chain, watch, wallet chain, cuff links.

&&& Last, something I read somewhere and thought was really cute was “Read when…” letters.

Read when feeling down.

Read when you need to be motivated.

Read when you need to feel appreciated.

Read when you need to know i love you.

…and so on…

Macy’s Holiday Witch

Written By My Husband.
(Stolen from his Facebook)

At the mall today we were going back to macys because yesterday kamilla brought me a few things and some how one of my sweater still had the theft prevention clip on it so whatever we were going to take it back now we get up to the register we began to explain our situation here is the dialog to paint the picture

Kamilla: hi how are u i came here Wednesday t…..
Female cashier:(cuts her off)mmmmhhhhmmmmmmmm

Ok face book now my wife is far from the biggest person in the world and even in this case outweighed by at least 100 pounds if it would have went down but listen to me FB when the women said mmmmhhhhmmmmm like she did kamilla gave her a look that i guess only another women would understand i was stationed to the side with ava and when i saw the look on kamilla’s face to the women i honestly was scared to death cause i did not know what was about to happen she held it for at least 10 seconds and it must have said 1000 words cause there was no conversation to follow almost as if the women was actually reading a sign with clear instructions that read “ok (explicit) if ur joking right now u might wanna be a little more jokingly don’t let my size or my complexion fool u. You are without a doubt looking at ur worst potential enemy understand I don’t shoot bullets and throw grenade i drop straight nuclear missiles” (lol) life literally stopped for 10 seconds y’all think im joking but i was seriously scared to death i never seem my wife look like that i was so scared we have yet to even discuss it lol but anyway the lady immediately cleared it up with another

Cashier women:mmmmhhhhmmmmm (much more jokingly)

Cashier lady: (looks at me my face has a dead stir looking at her cause I was scared to look back at Kamilla cause she was still staring at the cashier with disgust with that face I described) im just playing y’all all bout to jump me

Me:(peace maker desperately wanting to break the ice) oh naw we thought u were serious (which honestly she prob was long day its black friday and prob let her emotions show a little too much just with the wrong one we both found out) lol

Kamilla: (finally snaps back to reality and continued her explanation for our visit gets the tag taken off and i swear the lady whole demeanor changed)

We both said thank u walked away and haven’t talked about it since lol but now that I know that inside my wife lives a witch from the deepest darkest place u can think of I will be very cautious.


Now ladies and gentlemen I have got to be honest! I do not remember this happening! I do have to be honest though, I realized I can no longer hide my feelings/face expressions and I don’t even notice it when I am doing it! Which is a bad thing because…well, things like this happen and I have no idea why.