Why do Men Lie?

Men tell different type of lies for different reasons. The only way a man will keep the lies coming is if their mate continues to let the lies go or accepts the lies because they don’t want to lose “their” man.

It starts out on the first date. He wants to impress you so he begins to “exaggerate”, instead of telling you he rents he will tell you he owns his apartment/house, in stead of telling you where he works and what he does he will say he is the “manager” and will more than likely double his salary to impress you. Now, a lot of females will say “Aw, that is cute he wanted to impress me!”. No, that is foolish, honesty should start with day one, now how is he supposed to get out of these lies if you become serious? This only shows that he is not confident and is not proud of the life he has made up until this point. Therefore he has to glamorize his life by adding onto the truth.

Also if you have been dating for sometime and he keeps saying “well everything is going so good why change anything?” You may want a title, a ring, to move in together, just simply to move on to the next chapter of your relationship. The meaning of that statement is “I am not ready to settle down with you”, not saying he doesn’t wish to be with you in the long run but at the moment you are not good enough for him. He isn’t ready to give up the freedom of coming and going as he pleases, or talking to other females, he is just not ready to commit 100%.

“Why do random girls keep calling and texting you?” is a question many girls ask because YES they are looking through their man’s phone, facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. His answer is usually “Oh she’s like my sister, i ask her for advice” or “I have no idea i keep telling her to stop calling/texting”. Lies! Most men are not able to have a real friendship with a female, sooner or later something will happen and he is not asking her for advice but running to her for some action when things aren’t so great in the relationship. As far as him saying he told her to stop contacting him is also a big fat lie. Any female that respects herself will not contact a man several times after he told her to stop. Trust and believe he is giving her a reason to stay in touch. He needs back up for rainy days.

“She means nothing to me, I am sorry. I love you. I don’t want to lose you.” Well, she may honestly not mean anything to him but clearly neither do you. If he cared enough about you he wouldn’t have met her, he wouldn’t have contacted her, he wouldn’t have had time to talk to her and he wouldn’t of had time to cheat with her. You see where that is going? Look how many chances he had to stop before it got out of hand. Yet those last two statements will make you stay most of the time. Nope, now it isn’t his fault but yours. You just proved to him that all he has to do is tell you he loves you, tell you he is sorry and be free. Now for the future he knows he can make mistakes as big as this one apologize, get you a gift, tell you he loves you and you will be over it. A man will only do what you let him!

Of course there are things guys lie about because they just don’t want to argue. Is that okay? Nope, but it is usually something petty and something that can be worked on. For example he may have forgot to run an errand for you and will give you an excuse which is usually a lie. This is okay and understandable but this is usually because he feels like you will not understand him and will make it into a bigger deal than it really is. This means as his partner you need to work on making him more comfortable to come to you and be honest, yes about little things too!

In every relationship it takes two to make things work! Sometimes you have to step back and ask yourself why is he lying? Am i not doing something right? (It is okay to ask.) Am i too good for him? etc. Don’t be a fool.