How to make you Man/bf/husband open up & How to understand him!

Well we have all been in a situation where an argument starts and all of the sudden HE just shuts down. Now us, females are much better at expressing our feelings and making it known when something isn’t right for us. Not only that, but we can also be insensitive at times and not even think about it. Well believe it or not, they have feelings as well, only problem they have is expressing them.

Sometimes we go on and on about what our issue is or what he isn’t doing right or how he doesn’t put the toilet seat down or how he leaves the floors wet in the bathroom. You get the point! Guys feelings are in their actions, ours are in our words. I promise you, if you just stop for a second and say “You know what, i am sorry! I love how you clean up the room, i love how you work hard, i am proud of you! I would also like if you did this(whatever you need him or would like him to start doing)”. That will make him feel good about himself! More than likely that thing you want him to do, will be done because you motivated him, you acknowledged the things you love and made him feel confident rather than useless and like a Ef Up.

Another thing if you need him to do something, be straight forward. Don’t beat around the bush, don’t expect him to do something you didn’t ask him to do. Just say it, they don’t like when you aren’t clear and they will not take the time out to think/look into what you were trying to say. There for when you get back it will not be done and it will turn into a problem.

Be romantic, flirty, playful, laugh, and enjoy him. Let him feel loved, no the guy does not always have to do all this stuff. When you do it he feels loved, wanted, and will be attracted to you even more. Also don’t judge him, be there for him and show him you care about his feelings and anything he may be going through or dealing with. You don’t want him to be ashamed to come to you about anything. If he is, trust me he will find someone else to confide in and you will not like it!

Now, say you get into an argument…Don’t bug him to talk, give him a few hours, maybe even half of the day. Then come to him and tell him you are ready to talk and do not want to argue, tell him you don’t understand where he is coming from and you want him to explain things to you.

Lastly always ask about your relationship. Ask him if he feels like things are going well, if there is anything you need to work on, or if there are things you both have to work on together. Don’t ever allow your relationship to get disconnected…because once it gets to that point it’s hard to bring it back to life!


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